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R.I.P Gary Moore

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One of my favorite guitarists. We love you Gary. Rest in Peace.


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  1. WOW! I sure hope they had a good fire extinguisher on hand, because this set was smoking! B.B. & Gary – It might get better than this, but I don’t think so!

  2. Goosebumps!

  3. What a gifted man he was and i thank you for gifting us with those 3 wonderful pieces…..I was moved almost to tears with the first one, totally amazed with his artistry on the second one and it all came together for me with BB King’s “the thrill is gone”…..my most favorite blues song of ALL! His was,indeed, a special communication with the instrument and his love for the music.

  4. I loved that guy, He was GREAT!A great loss.

  5. Great job Claude! 3 really awesome vidoes. My tribute video to Gary has to be “King Of The Blues”. R.I.P Gary

  6. Great examples of the man’s playing. Another man gone, sad but we must be grateful for the music they have left us and keep enjoying those players around us still.

  7. I was lucky enough to see Gary Moore a couple of times but it’s only since his death I’ve checked out the clips of him on YouTube & really appreciated what a fantastic blues/rock guitarist he was – the best imho.
    btw, the guitar in the first clip is a Charvel, not a Strat.

  8. One word… beautiful.

  9. The video featuring BB and Gary Moore should be christened “Conversations of the strings kind” !
    Two absolute masters doing what they do best.
    Amazing … simply amazing !

  10. He Was a very talented player he had some of the fastest fingers I have ever seen I have some of his work and I am going to buy more claude thanks for posting this stuff I realy enjoyed it and we will miss his work .

  11. You can’t forget about Gary’s Peter Green connection,when he plays those tastey Blues licks.VERY P.Green like.I believe Gary is even playing the Les Paul he bought from Peter in that clip.

  12. Awesome guitarist one of my favorites REST IN PEACE brother.

  13. What a sad moment in music. I took my teenage guitar playing son to see Gary in the Lake District in England a few years back, he stopped coming to North America. It was one of those rare occasions when father and son got to bond over the music from one of the best there ever was, my son and I will never forget it, thank you Gary.

  14. A true master of the guitar. Can you imagine the jam in the afterlife … Jmmi… Stevie….. Gary. Thanks for the joy your music provided. RIP GM.

  15. Thanks for Gary Moore tribute, Claude; he was indeed a magnificent guitar player as well as really gifted musician; we’ll be poorer without him around, God rest his soul…

  16. Yes the death is not the end but
    “As the last enemy, death is to be brought to nothing” 1Corithians 15:26
    Resurrection is a great hope and gift.

  17. OMG I was blown away three of the best performances Ive seen. Gary will be sadly missed he had so much more to offer.
    RIP Gary

  18. If I had to pick a favorite guitarist, Gary Moore would be it. I’ve never seen him play live, but it was on my “bucket list”. There are many awesome guitar players, some more well known than others, but few played with the intensity and passion that Gary did. I believe there’s an opportunity for each of us to have life eternal. Perhaps I’ll get to meet Gary one day.

  19. That 3 video is my favorite version of The Thrill Is Gone. Wish I was there.

  20. @Ian McLean

    Goosebumps is right! Wow. What a great guitarist. RIP Gary.

  21. My favorite is “Still Got the Blues Over You”. Any info as to cause of death?

  22. The trill will never go, not when you can watch Mr King and Mr Moore playing that good. R.I.P

  23. Gary new how to smoke em. He was dedicated to making great music. I heard about his passing from a close friend in the music industry within hours of his death. I am still reeling and will never forget a close and dear friend that was Gary Moore.
    Off stage he was good and decent person who had time for mere mortals like me. Although I wasn’t one of the elite people that were on first name terms with Gary,His friendship was one of association in the industry during my days as a roady. I had the pleasure of meeting him many years ago. He taught me a great lesson about playing solo’s. ” Play it from the heart and the technique will follow.”
    He meant not to worry about the techniques of riffs but to play from what is truly inside you. I still remember those sage words to this day and live by them when I play.
    R.I.P Gary, Blues Brother.

  24. What an amazing musician,seen him many times and he never let me leave his cocerts without making me want to go home and pick up my guitar.RIP Garry you was the second best to Jimi but that was what you always wanted to be.Our memories will always be there

  25. Truly a sad day for the world of Guitar players. Gary Moore has truly ventured “Over the Hills and Far Away.” May he rest in peace!

  26. I consider the 3 videos brilliant and would ask if there is any way of getting a DVD copy, or even just the music on CD.

  27. That’s a CLASSIC! Thanks for sharing Claudster!

  28. This Man is a privileged Guitarist and left nothing
    on the Table. It is very sad that He is gone. His
    Ability will live on Forever. May God rest His Soul.

  29. He was the guitarhero in my childhood,
    Now a peace of me died to,
    R.I.P Gary, meet you in heaven.

  30. Wow thanks, i really enjoyed the BB King and Gary Moore Vid. That was great. It looks like they were having a real Blast up there. Sooo cool!

  31. Amazing. I was really into Gary Moore quite sometime back, and now I remember why. That clip with BB King is great. It really shows how we all walk on the shoulders of the giants that came before us. From watching this, I gotta believe Gary must’ve cut his teeth learning those old, great BB tunes from the vinyl, note for note.

  32. Thanks for sharing these clips. I thought about watching the Hendrix clip last, given how much I love Jimi’s work and the work of those who have what it really takes to cover his work. The phrasing was so soulful and so captured Jimi’s essence that you had to watch to remind yourself that it wasn’t Jimi himself. But I went in order, and I was glad I did. How fortunate, the few in that room, to have witnessed such poetry. I don’t believe I’ve ever witnessed a greater connection between two guitar players in a live performance.

  33. WOW, amazing, talented guy he was! Why do all the great ones, leave us so young? May he rest in peace.

    Thank you for sharing the videos. I’ll have to make them my favorties….he and BB King had it going on!!

  34. I first heard Gary Moore nearly 30 years ago and my life has been enriched greatly since then. Everyone, musician or not, who has had the opportunity to hear his music will carry it their entire lives and benefit from it. His gifted talents will carry on into the unending future for all of us. For anyone who has not heard of him or heard any of his performances, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, take time to do so. You will not be disappointed. Thank You Gary Moore for sharing your music and your gift with the rest of the world. My life is better for you doing so.

  35. OMG. The duet with BB King is truly magical. If you don’t get moved by that you don’t love life or get the blues. Brilliant.

  36. I must say….. I believe G. M. pushed B. B. further than anyone else. That was some of Mr. Kings best playing, ever. I loved how Gary was trying to take the lead in the trade offs and B. B. would always turn it around after a few bars and Gary would follow. But at the end, B. B. finally did the second part and played the best he has in ages. Much respect to both players. I have been a G. M. fan since the Thin Lizzy days when I didn’t even play guitar. Thank you for this wonderful post. He will be missed….

  37. Hi Claude.These three Gary Moore clips truly display the varied talents of a brilliant guitarist.But the duet with Mr B.B.King is absolutely outstanding.To play along with the great B.B.King duelling note for note and eventually leading the session,almost the teacher, is the finest guitar clip I may ever have seen. So wish I’d been there live. Truely outstanding! Peter,Australia.

  38. thats one awesome song played by Gary Moore and BB.King.This was the first time I have ever seen them both play together .thank you .it was priceless.Where was that show at> and what year was it then.

  39. Wow, how profound. I only discovered Gary Moore a few months ago. I was just looking for great blues guitar music on the net and came across some youtube videos and instantly fell in love with his playing. I bought the Ballads and Blues (i believe it’s called) CD and have been loving it. I told my wife I’d love to see him if he came to the states. Now I’m speechless yet privileged and honored to know his music.

  40. Guitarist Moore, you brought so many amazing moments playing your guitar. Like Jimmy Hendrix you will be remembered as one of the best in our time. We still got the Blues……..R.I.P beloved and blessed.

  41. What a BIG loss. My heart stopped for a moment when I heard he had passed away.
    I grew up watching him and enjoying his sound. Now I am determined to go out there too and try to get the feeling (the blues) he brought over many of us.
    Gary Moore, we will never forget.

  42. hi just felt compelled to share my thoughts on the sad passing of gary who i saw five times mainly at newcastle city hall although i realise his blues is what he loved my favourite period was VOF isnt that footage with BB stunning though representing a musical journey began at the “beano” and his great frendship with peter green who BB is reputed to have said was the only british bluesman who gave him the cold sweats i think peter wouid be very happy at seeing this footage so thanks very much for putting it up what a wonderful musical journey ;D

  43. Man how time flies! Seems like only last week when I was saying to myself hey this Gary Moore cat is some serious blues player that I need to learn more about and hear more from. I’d just like to say that his early passing makes me think of other premature deaths (Jimi, Stevie, Roy among others) whose mark on their musical legacy was awe inspiring performannce that will be savored for generations to come. God Bless Gary–rest in peace brother bluesman.

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