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“Santa Claude Johnson Returns to Help Blue Star”

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This year we are helping out the Salvation Army plus
Blue Star Music Camps!

Please check out the video below, I think you’ll dig it:




Here’s the scoop – we are giving away the Christmas Guitar Course
, for just a $1 ONE DOLLAR donation. We will match your donation
and everything goes to the Salvation Army plus Blue Star Music Camps.






31 Responses to ““Santa Claude Johnson Returns to Help Blue Star””

  1. You all are awesome to share your gift of music!!!

  2. Claude, Don’t give up your day job !!!

  3. Well hello Claude,
    Finally I venture out from the safety of my cave and contact you. It is an honour.
    At first, I did not understand what you were achieveing with your passion, in my twisted head at the time, I thought you were in it for the money.
    I have ordered your course, recieved it, and passed it on to a great friend of mine that has always been there for me, as a best friend and a guiding light.
    The best thing I took from your course is the simplicity of the truth behind a light pick on an acoustic, and a heavier pick on an electric, so thank you forever now!
    Is that you from 4:52 > 4:54 in the awesome Blue Star Music Camp video???
    So Claude, this is the first email I’ve opened from you, and actually TOOK NOTICE OF AND TRULY HEARD THE MESSAGE
    Thank you my brother on another Continent, for now!
    You are what I like to refer to as a real Angel On Earth, other people call this a Light Worker.
    You use today’s technology to reach the masses, and in the process, get the messages out from Blue Star and the like. You are being contacted by Higher Powers, that I am sure of. Look up Dunkeld, Grampians, Victoria, Australia on Google Earth, and I’ll be smiling my cheesy grin that I was given right back at you!
    Peace to you and yours, and a happy and safe festive season
    Please don’t ever let go of that character inside you man, thank you!
    Ben in Australia

  4. I would like to send a donation threw the mail, what would that be. I don’t have an internet money transfer of any type. Where do I send it too. Thanks

  5. P.s. I’ll be forwarding this link to all in my address book
    Nice to meet you!

  6. You know what, let me just weave some magic into my bank and just then I will donate to the cause, Claude, guaranteed!

  7. I think the kids are awesome,each kid has a special talent.

  8. I want to donate 1000 dollars to your cause.

  9. Hi Claude,

    Get holiday spirit. The Blue Star camps’ message is great. I wish there was a place like that to go to when I was a kid.

    The hardest thing in the world is having a talent that should be shared and no inspiration or support to fulfill that dream.

    Your courses help so many revive their dreams and talents. I’m one. Thanks so much and great work with the giving back.

    Margaret, Boston MA

  10. Hey Santa Claude,
    At first I was a little slow at ordering your lessons because of the name; Guitar God… Now I’m really glad I did. You have a great personality and I enjoy reading all the e-mails I receive from you. Thanks for your; How Jesus saved you testimony. You so Rock: Keep up the great work! Your enthusiastic student across the miles.

  11. Wow. That pulls on my heart strings! That was wonderful.

  12. I’d donate but, not to the Salvation Army. I have my reasons. Go entirely secular next year…music camp only, for instance…and I’ll be glad to help out.

  13. What a nice idea to support other people like you do! I can’t do nothing but suscribe to your generous campaign. Cheers from France!

  14. Wow.. you rock .. i love it..

  15. u rock and what your’re doin is amazing.I’am so honoured to get guitar tips from you.I owe u man!! ur outragiously cool (:

  16. Claude,
    Love what you are doing, what a great Opportunity for those kids.
    I myself am a very new guitar player (I’ve only been play it for a week). I’ve been fining your website very helpful as I learn how to play.
    I am a member / solider at the Salvation army Church, by me learning I am hoping this will able me to grow closer to God and be able to minister to others.

    Our church has started kids youth band for kids that are from poor drugged abused families and to see how much joy they have and how quickly they learn to play is awesome.

    Keep up with the work your doing.

    God bless

  17. I was wondering how you could join that camp. I’m 13 and it would be an honor to have the opportunity to be there. I’m starting to write music and I could get all the advice i could get.
    Thank You, Morgan

  18. lmao Santa Claude so who’s the reindeer Virtuwal?.that’s given me an idea:D
    already donated cause it’s Christmas and wold like to learn some Christmas songs.have a few already and tried out we wish you a merry Christmas already.just needs to remember those 7 chords XD this will shock my family at Christmas time with my rocking haha

  19. How can I send the Money?? I’m from Germany 😀

    Germany is not on the List^^

    bst rgds

  20. I didn’t understand at first until I saw the video of the greatest bunch of talent that have a place to work and grow I think it’s wonderful hear’s my dollar Merry Christmas

  21. I’ve taken advantage of you $1 Christmas lessons and a couple of other attached specials. As a guitarist that has been playing for over 46 years I would like to complement you on your material. There is always something new to learn from every source available and you present infomation in a very understandable way. There is something here for everyone from new beginner on up. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  22. hi everybody i wish to know the name of the song that claude plays at the beggining of the video, please and thank you.

  23. I absolutely believe in what you are doing, and what Blue Star is doing is phenomenal. As soon as I can access my
    accounts, I intend to send this $1. This is amazing! Thanks!!!



  25. Hey, Claude

    I appreciate you doing this. It is a great chance for me to expand me learning. As of right know i do not have my own guitar but borrowing one is as great as having my own. These lessons are great for all classes of experiences. I am trying to get the christmas special.

  26. I have other, way more expensive guitars, like a Gibson ES-335, Dean 12 string, and a Fender Strat, but I gotta tell you, I like this one soooo much I play it more than the others! No kidding.

  27. Thanks for sharing this.

  28. I’ve read some good stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting.

  29. Hey santa claude, i really liked this vid

  30. You Know–sometimes its affirming to know that our gut feelings about some things or situations are right on. That said I knew there was something I liked about you even before I opened your first Email. Again, I like what I see–well done good Sir!!

  31. I noticed you had an article that showed johnny cash like I walk the line where you went all the way down to pick the melody, does that ring a bell.

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