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Halloween Movie: Claustin Powers and the Guitar Mojo Mystery Mayhem, PART 1

Filed Under (Claustin Powers 1, silly stuff) by admin on 31-10-2009

This is by far the wackiest, (and hopefully funniest) video I’ve done.

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147 Responses to “Halloween Movie: Claustin Powers and the Guitar Mojo Mystery Mayhem, PART 1”

  1. awsome video claude can’t wait for the next one.

  2. It makes me horny!!!

  3. Great stuff, Claude! Just the fact that you’d go to the effort of making this shows how much you love doing what you do – keep it coming!

  4. Claude:

    I was out gigging this weekend and I just caught your act. You are one crazy dude! Oh by the way your jazz dvd’s and book are the bomb.

    Big Dog

  5. wacky, what a coincident I was only watching Austin Power on tv last night

  6. was very engaging, could have had more info about the guitar-the cross-over between script and mini me was interesting!

  7. holloween! i didn’t do things about it.. just sit and stay home …. that all..

  8. Hilarious. That was the best video you’ve ever made, Claude!

  9. omg it is so awsome.cool

  10. Awesome mate!!

  11. wow that was pretty cool I’m impressed and i can’t even believe that you took the time to do that! =D

    Rock on Claustin Powers

  12. pretty good acting,i’ve done some T.V. and also had one of the best tribute bands (10 years of touring)i got a kick’ out of it. P.S.GLAD TO BE ABOARD YOUR E-MAIL GUITAR PLAYING, VERY USEFUL. THANX RICK

  13. Claude,claude,claude……..you are []D [] []v[] []D [] []\[] With your awsome guitar playing dude and that was funny as hell dude. (>^_^)> Im ready for part 2

  14. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–4—-5—4—-2—-0—-2—5—4—5–2–5–4—0————————2–2—2—–2—2———————————————————

    see if u recognize that

  15. Sorry it looked like i typed it rite but it didnt show up write

    but it was

    crazy train By
    ozzy osborne

  16. Hey Claude,you realize you’re crazy? But hey the video was pretty damn good. Now I’m waiting for part 2 to see how it goes. Does Dr. Evil take the Mojo or does Claustin get it back?

  17. Claude Claude Claude cool cool

  18. You’ve made a happy man very old…

  19. never realized you were funny, keep up the good work !!

  20. I didn’t see Fat Bastard, is he in part 2? Nice job, look forward to the DVD’s.

  21. wow, that was really nice, cant wait till part 2

  22. As a newbie to all of this, only a sincere person with a twisted sense of humor could do this. Thanks for having such a great time with your website and secrets…:D

  23. What a nail in the coffin…acting was good…guitar was fab..

  24. wow very funny

  25. gotta laugh at some of the response from other people.. lighten up people, a bit of fun does you the world of good, put the axe down and smile

  26. The guitar part was great. Nuff said…


  28. this rocks baby yeah!

  29. Well done guys!Matt I had no idea of the talent you are working with!how long before part two?

  30. Claude: cna’t wit for 2 see port III (3 is the God number after all !!! ) ANGELS with YOU, Boggsie

  31. Yeah Baby! You are a great teacher and the most original guitar course marketer ever.

  32. That was some amazing imp[ressions! You’ve defo been brushing up on your Austin Powers! Haha. I was actually kinda scared when you said about a programme that would control people’s minds!! Cool.

  33. I’ve been looking all over for this!


  34. Claude, that was frinkin funny stuff! Off the wall funny and a nice guitar lick! Very funny!

  35. I want part 2!!!!!

  36. Possibly the worst acting I’ve ever seen.

  37. That was good you just convinced me to order your lessons

  38. um.. hey claude i have a question concernig a chord.. im gna play guitar 4 mu friendz nd they r gna sing but there is only one chord idk how to play its a G#o7!???? can u plze help me.. nd bye the wayyy.. i love ur video its hilaroius.. nd i luve ur accendt is it reall????? hahhahaha lmbo!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  39. Hey Claude, haha ur Clips are creasy.

  40. lol Pretty Krazy! I love it! Makes me want to play.

  41. Hey Claude, Outstanding online guitar lessons and blogs.

  42. LOL… thanks for the laughs. Thanks for all the cool guitar tips as well.

  43. ” Hey sock it to me baby “

  44. Go figure, coming from someone who goes by the name of Rainbow man

  45. I just want to say Claude, GREAT JOB, I mean you should really consider doing an entire movie along the same grounds of an evil empire trying to take over the world or, (funny) guitars. GREAT STUFF.

  46. nice post I’m always browse your blog for quality posts

  47. Wooow… Great!

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