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Halloween Movie: Claustin Powers and the Guitar Mojo Mystery Mayhem, PART 1

Filed Under (Claustin Powers 1, silly stuff) by admin on 31-10-2009

This is by far the wackiest, (and hopefully funniest) video I’ve done.

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147 Responses to “Halloween Movie: Claustin Powers and the Guitar Mojo Mystery Mayhem, PART 1”

  1. Wow! you even have the bad teeth! lol

  2. Happy Halloween Claustin Powers!
    I see you have a wonderful crew workin the mojo overtime! Excellent creative and funny! On a scale of one to ten with ten being best, I the Good Chief Crazy Captain Christo give it a twelve billion starz if you believe in starz!

  3. That was totally boss, Baby. Yeah!

  4. Claude you are one hell of a character! You have more fun selling guitar courses than anyone I’ve ever seen! I dig it man! Anybody who writes into this forum criticizing you just tell me who they are, and I’ll have Uncle Biagio pay them a little visit. Know what I mean?! Yeah!

    Tony the Nose

  5. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freakin’ AWESOME!! ROFL! Can’t wait for part 2!

  6. hello boy…you are very intelligent and simply artistic with guitar…!

  7. You Crack me up Claustin Powers.
    Leave me hanging? LMAO.
    Thanks for the constant contact Claude.
    I always look forward to whats next.
    Hope the family is doing well.

  8. Smokin!!! Ready for part two!

  9. Super , spiffing and top hole what. Rather splendid English accent. Take it from me as an Englishman tha was rather jolly good. Excellent guitar tuition,rather hammy acting. Ha ha ha, very drole.


  11. Man…you are havin way too much fun…Yeah Baby!! Waiting for part two….moohaha

    El Mo

  12. Claude, you are a sick man. Lol.

  13. Was your mojo machine the dispensing end of an enema machine?

    NO! LOL CJ

  14. cant wait for part two

  15. Bring on part two, that was gr8…

  16. Nice Claude… very well done my friend :p

  17. LOL you are one character I must say that . looks like you had a blast. looking forward to seeing Part 2. isn’t having that much fun illeagle??
    Mu ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!
    10 smazillion dollars baby yeah!!!!!

  18. Yeah baby yeah, ANGUS would be proud to see the SG in AUTSINS CRIB! I would buy your course for ONE MEEELLLLION DOLLARS..MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA ( hic) pardon me , a little too much Halloween Punch baby !

  19. Well at least you are inventive, no?

  20. Ok that was weird, but I thank god nobody has a video camera on my weird life! Three cheers!

  21. Mike Myers who?…this was awesome

  22. that was so funny. i cant waite for part 2

  23. totally awesume BaaaaaaaaaByy

  24. Message from Q.

    Well done Claustin! Oh shoot. Wrong spy.

    No wait 007 I didn’t mean it!

    Dang. I lost 007. I hope we all Get Smart 99 times.

    Please send part II…. This message will self distruct in 5 seconds.

    Happy Halloween!

  25. great video claude and matt! love your creative marketing.

  26. Please do me a huge favor baby, yeah!~!!!

    “Keep your day job” you may be an ok guitar player, I know you try, but a Eddie Murphy your NOT!!!! Sorry, just being honest dude!!!!


  27. i needed a good laugh thank u much

  28. WOW, Like you guy’s got WAY TOO much time on your hands !! I kin hardly wait for #two to hit my E-mail !!! I’ll just sit here ALL night and wait for it !! LOL All I kin say is, Claude you are ONE TWISTED individual

  29. VERY TWISTED CLAUDE !!! You’ve WAY TOO much time on your hands !! None the less, I will stay by my computer ALL night awaiting for Vol 2 !!!


  31. HAHAHAHOOOHAHOOO! That was good! You’re nutz. I love it!

  32. That was very good & evil.

  33. As a student of film this brings to mind parables seen in the Godfather ,Citizen Cane and early Tarantino the acting though understated was full of dramatic counterpoint and was really just full of it.hahahaha Laughter is the best gift of medicine and stuff…

  34. pitty the music artist dead.Nice creation.thks

  35. Thanks to the great spirit that the world has talented crazies like you

  36. Big Johnson, you are one sick puppy! That trick was quite a treat foe Halloween.

  37. Morning after Halloween, trying to adjust to the time change, thanks for the laughs……….

  38. yea! really cool you make guitar learning fun

  39. wow, you were right, it was intertaining! great job :)

  40. hi claude, very good horror vid , ever thought of goin to transalvainia? have u ever seen shaun of the dead , turn it into a musical , still a fan …..ian my fist visit to your blog and i think its great l.p.h.

  41. XD funny :P cant wait for your next one ^^

  42. Sorry but that really wasn’t that great…

  43. First piece of mail I opened this morning. Don’t think I can get any better entertainment from the rest of them so I will just sign off Good stuff.

  44. nice one claude,you gonna bottle that stuff.

  45. dude get part 2 up like now lmao so funny nice mojo guitaring sweet :P

  46. Aah—-”Mojo-juice”—this is the real secret !
    I’ll stop practicing guitar and go to the next pharmacy to buy me lemon-taste Mojo-Juice” for the rest of my lifetime.

  47. lol that weas awsome
    whens the 2nd one up =)

  48. MO mo mo #2 shagmysoxoff

  49. Great show! Keep up with the good work.

  50. Funny and good job with the effects.

  51. Right on the money. I had to watch it through my fingers. Is he realy THAT evil?

  52. weard!!!

  53. :( boooooo!!

  54. Nice,,,, Youre very great,,im happy so much,,happy halowweennn

  55. kashmillion happens to be my favorite number can’t wait till part 2

  56. definatley top ten in my funny list

  57. I own the perfect car for your video- check it out, maybe you can use it for Part II !

  58. that was really goood


  60. that was rokin lol

  61. awsome. that was entertaining on a day with nothing to do. cant wait for part 2

  62. claude u r a nutcase. nice outfit though.

  63. this was a great video! It was very brilliant! Jennifer, -Canada

  64. Hey Claude,
    I know what it’s like to come out of the closet. I couldn’t help but notice that necklace you were wearing, which was the arrow and circle symbol. Congrats, man! I know a lot of guys who don’t have the balls to tell people, but you wear it loud and proud! Oh and the video was decent to :P


  65. Hahaha!! Excellent acting! Can’t wait for part II.

  66. That was quite actually xD

  67. And you get paid……….way to much time on your hands BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. That was freakin’ cool, man. Can hardly wait for part 2. Do Claustin Powers and Dr. Super Evil shop at the same furniture store?

  69. u gotta be a big johnson to do a flick like that —but if it sells— wtf

  70. Silliest s**t I ever saw, – slidus

  71. Wow man ur tha best…:P no joke. Thx

  72. That was Awesome Claude. you made my day. Nice guitar work.

  73. well done bud-Randy

  74. LOL.. you have got waaaayyyy to much time on your hands. Glad to see you use it wisely.
    Love the CD’s. any chance of getting some mojo juice?


  75. woah……………this has to be the lamest ive ever seen………..how about it everyone….thumbs down………just put the products up for sale and leave the acting to the pros….nice scale run at the end of the song thingy

  76. wicked cool man

  77. XD that was so freaking hilarious i nearly wet my bed.i like to know what’s in the mojo juice.can we all have some of that??
    looking forward to part two;)

  78. Wild, baby, wild! Rock on, Claude.

  79. Super..Bloody..Super..!!

  80. cool! how do I download a free version of the adobe flashplayer so i can check out your video atachments

    go to http://www.adobe.com and click on downloads- CLAUDE

  81. Man you are having too much fun! Next time you do something with the Blues you gotta parody “The Blues Brothers” !

  82. What a ham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Stick to the Guitar please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Cudos! Bazillions! Verry interesting, but shtupido!!! We’ve come to expect nothing less from His Evilness. Bwahahaha.
    (Hey! Frisky Cujo just gouged out my spleen! Evil I say. Evil!)

  84. ???????????????????say no to drugs or jeez??????wha,cool solo ting :)

  85. yeah

  86. That was just freakin wierd,,,,but I loved it.Love your sense of humor.Kudos.
    Looking forward to part II.

  87. totally groovy baby….. when does part two come out

  88. That was hilarious I can’t wait for part two

  89. That was great, looking forward for part 2

  90. Totally awesome, baby, YEAH!
    I really needed a lift today, and this one hit THE SWEET spot! Keep it comin’

  91. Brilliant jacket,great acting, cool playing,now give us part 2!!!!!!

  92. funny! good stuff!!!!

  93. hey sup

  94. That was awesome! I can tell you guys really worked hard on this. Great entertainment, I give it 5 stars *****

  95. teaching guitar is a wonderful profession. Continue his and drop the comedy. 100,000 comedians in the USA alone are out of work. You’re not helping.

  96. Great video. About time someone has fun at work. Keep up the good work. But are you guys smoking something good? Not your socks I hope.

  97. SHAGADELICK – Will I see a Shaguar in part 2?

  98. loved it maybe clauston powers and fat bas###d could do a cover of ac/dc long way to the top ….great stuff keep it coming

  99. Austin Powers is not quite “cutting edge” is it? But then again, neither is the Blues, and that’s my favorite finger-picking exercise that doesn’t involve my nose. Good fun… you picked too many low angle shots (nostril issues again) but what else could you do? Who nose?

  100. What a bullshit! :-/ Sorry, but you are definitley not talented to be an actor. Keep doing your own thing, which is playing the guitar…

  101. awsome video claude can’t wait for the next one.

  102. It makes me horny!!!

  103. Great stuff, Claude! Just the fact that you’d go to the effort of making this shows how much you love doing what you do – keep it coming!

  104. Claude:

    I was out gigging this weekend and I just caught your act. You are one crazy dude! Oh by the way your jazz dvd’s and book are the bomb.

    Big Dog

  105. wacky, what a coincident I was only watching Austin Power on tv last night

  106. was very engaging, could have had more info about the guitar-the cross-over between script and mini me was interesting!

  107. holloween! i didn’t do things about it.. just sit and stay home …. that all..

  108. Hilarious. That was the best video you’ve ever made, Claude!

  109. omg it is so awsome.cool

  110. Awesome mate!!

  111. wow that was pretty cool I’m impressed and i can’t even believe that you took the time to do that! =D

    Rock on Claustin Powers

  112. pretty good acting,i’ve done some T.V. and also had one of the best tribute bands (10 years of touring)i got a kick’ out of it. P.S.GLAD TO BE ABOARD YOUR E-MAIL GUITAR PLAYING, VERY USEFUL. THANX RICK

  113. Claude,claude,claude……..you are []D [] []v[] []D [] []\[] With your awsome guitar playing dude and that was funny as hell dude. (>^_^)> Im ready for part 2

  114. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–4—-5—4—-2—-0—-2—5—4—5–2–5–4—0————————2–2—2—–2—2———————————————————

    see if u recognize that

  115. Sorry it looked like i typed it rite but it didnt show up write

    but it was

    crazy train By
    ozzy osborne

  116. Hey Claude,you realize you’re crazy? But hey the video was pretty damn good. Now I’m waiting for part 2 to see how it goes. Does Dr. Evil take the Mojo or does Claustin get it back?

  117. Claude Claude Claude cool cool

  118. You’ve made a happy man very old…

  119. never realized you were funny, keep up the good work !!

  120. I didn’t see Fat Bastard, is he in part 2? Nice job, look forward to the DVD’s.

  121. wow, that was really nice, cant wait till part 2

  122. As a newbie to all of this, only a sincere person with a twisted sense of humor could do this. Thanks for having such a great time with your website and secrets…:D

  123. What a nail in the coffin…acting was good…guitar was fab..

  124. wow very funny

  125. gotta laugh at some of the response from other people.. lighten up people, a bit of fun does you the world of good, put the axe down and smile

  126. The guitar part was great. Nuff said…


  128. this rocks baby yeah!

  129. Well done guys!Matt I had no idea of the talent you are working with!how long before part two?

  130. Claude: cna’t wit for 2 see port III (3 is the God number after all !!! ) ANGELS with YOU, Boggsie

  131. Yeah Baby! You are a great teacher and the most original guitar course marketer ever.

  132. That was some amazing imp[ressions! You’ve defo been brushing up on your Austin Powers! Haha. I was actually kinda scared when you said about a programme that would control people’s minds!! Cool.

  133. I’ve been looking all over for this!


  134. Claude, that was frinkin funny stuff! Off the wall funny and a nice guitar lick! Very funny!

  135. I want part 2!!!!!

  136. Possibly the worst acting I’ve ever seen.

  137. That was good you just convinced me to order your lessons

  138. um.. hey claude i have a question concernig a chord.. im gna play guitar 4 mu friendz nd they r gna sing but there is only one chord idk how to play its a G#o7!???? can u plze help me.. nd bye the wayyy.. i love ur video its hilaroius.. nd i luve ur accendt is it reall????? hahhahaha lmbo!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  139. Hey Claude, haha ur Clips are creasy.

  140. lol Pretty Krazy! I love it! Makes me want to play.

  141. Hey Claude, Outstanding online guitar lessons and blogs.

  142. LOL… thanks for the laughs. Thanks for all the cool guitar tips as well.

  143. ” Hey sock it to me baby “

  144. Go figure, coming from someone who goes by the name of Rainbow man

  145. I just want to say Claude, GREAT JOB, I mean you should really consider doing an entire movie along the same grounds of an evil empire trying to take over the world or, (funny) guitars. GREAT STUFF.

  146. nice post I’m always browse your blog for quality posts

  147. Wooow… Great!

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